Super Visa Medical Plan Q&A

Q&A for Super Visa medical Plan

When should I purchase Super Visa Medical Plan?

The medical Plan is a government requirement when you apply for the Super Visa. You should purchase the medical plan so a confirmation from the insurer can be submitted with your application.

What should be the effective date of the plan?

Government the result of the application is short. It is recommended that the effective date of the Super Visa Medical Plan to be about one month from the purchase date.

If the visa is not approved, can I cancel the plan?

If valid proof that the application is not approved and the effective date has not started, the premium can be 100% refund.

If my parents or grandparents decide to delay coming to Canada, can the effective date be postponed?

The effective date of the medical plan can be postponed provided the original effect date has not been in effect.

If my parents or grandparents decide to return home before the expiry date of the contract, is refund possible?

Partial refund is allowed provided there is no claim during the period and a proof of return to home town (a boarding pass).

Can I purchase less than 365 days?

It is the government requirement that you must provide proof of a medical plan for at least one year and coverage of at least $100,000.

Do I need a one year policy each time I return to Canada?

The goverment requirement for the medical insurance is: "Be valid for each entry to Canada and available for review by a port of entry officer" It is the governemnt intention to have super visa holders insured, and because they can stay up to two years, it sounds like the requirement is that each time they enter Canada that have a minimum of one year of insurance coverage.